Project Complete

160,000 Meals for School Kids

Location: , US

Budget: $5400.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Feed children in Jacmel and Bouvier, Haiti who would otherwise go hungry.

How You Can Help:

In partnership with the Ontario Gleaners, we were able to ship a container of dried soup mix to Haiti which will provide 160,000 meals for school children.  The mix was distributed in Jacmel, and even sent by mule train up to Bouvier, a remote mountain-top village, where the kids were literally crying out in their hunger.

Hello Nations Impactors,
It is with great joy that I write you today to let you know that the soup mix boxes have reach Bouvier. It was not easy, the river flooded and was muddy, but with determination and perseverance, the people took the food to Bouvier. Now the feeding program will be held for one year, imagine ONE YEAR, the kids both in Jacmel and Bouvier will have lunch at school. I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for all of your hard work. Thank you for opening your heart and share from what you have to the needy. And remember "Those who have mercy on the needy, the Lord promises to pay back in full. " May the Lord bless you abundantly and exceedingly above all you may ask or think.
- Reginald Celeste