Project Complete

Ebenezer Farm Cultivation

Location: Bulera, UG

Budget: $1995.00

Still Needed: $1000.00

Goal: Improve the crop yield on currently owned farmland to increase childrens feeding program.

How You Can Help:

The Story:

Two years ago, Impact Nations purchased five acres of farmland for our partner, Hannington, so that he could feed the children in his school (many of whom are orphans) from the crops that this land produced.  This meant that we no longer had to send regular money to buy food for the children.  There have been times that they have even been able to sell some surplus crops. This is good news!

Now, Hannington has been given the use of his family’s land so that he can feed even more children more meals.  Again, this is good news!  However, before he can plant this farmland with maize, it needs to be cleared.  In addition, in order to increase the yield on his current farmland, he needs to purchase fertilizer and the materials to build a fence so that animals will not destroy the crops.

The Project:

We are going to hire a hand to help Hannington clear the land, purchase the materials for a fence, and buy fertilizer.