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Today I sat with tears in my eyes as I listened to worship pour forth from the Sons and Daughters of Destiny. These are precious men and women who have previously been disregarded, traumatized and castoff in prison or on the streets of Nakuru, Kenya. Today they radiate the grace of God in a stunning display of rescue and transformation. Salvation has restored parents with children, released generational blessings and enabled dreams to be birthed in the midst of business mentorship and training. These men and women are being called into leadership within the church, community and nation. They pray together, worship together and support each other's dreams for  a life with hope and a future. They reach out to others still on the streets knowing that in bringing healing to others, they themselves continue to heal. There are no limits for them as the old has passed away and all things have become new. Salvation has come to Nakuru and I'm speechless at its intensity and the depth of its transformational power. May the God of all grace and mercy open our minds and hearts to see the depths of His love for whoever might be 'the other' in our own lives and may we too offer love and hope as we ask the question, 'Who would God reach through me?'.   Read More

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One of the principles I like to teach is: When you're in the bullseye of God's assignment for you, it always comes with supernatural favor. On Wednesday evening, the group of businessmen I have been taking around East Africa (YPO) hosted a reception and dinner of other YPO members. We were delighted when, a few weeks ago, the Speaker of the East Africa Legislative Assembly accepted our invitation to be the guest of honor and main speaker at the event. To our great disappointment, we were informed earlier that day that Speaker Kitega would not be able to come, as he was still recovering from a bad fall two days earlier. He kindly sent a representative in his place, a Member of Parliament, who did a fine job at the event.  Read More

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