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Memories from India Part 2

Here is another of Steve's journal entries from our first Journey of Compassion to the Punjab with Randeep and Anu Mathews––

I have been to India seventeen times, but this time we are seeing something that I have never witnessed before. Instead of suspicion or hesitation, the Gospel is being embraced by almost everyone. I say ‘almost’, because there must have been some people who did not come forward to give their lives to Jesus, but I didn’t see any of them. Once again in this next village, every hand went up.

There was a huge crush of people who immediately came forward in response to the invitation. The crowd at the front was so dense that many of the Impact team had to go to the back in order to have room to pray for people. And once again, healing after healing took place. Some members reported every person they prayed for was healed. One thing that has impacted me greatly over the past two days, is the eagerness with which the older Sikh gentlemen respond. This is something I have not seen before in the Sikh culture.

There were so many healings throughout the day––both during the medical clinic and at the outdoor meeting in the evening––that I will only mention a few highlights. Merve, who is heading up the medical team for this Journey, had an older woman come to the clinic. She was deaf, so Merve looked at her ears with his scope. Both of her eardrums were ‘atrophied’ (his term); they were opaque and shriveled. Merve prayed for her and suddenly she could hear perfectly. Amazed, he looked in her ears again with the scope. Merve now saw two soft, translucent eardrums that he told me were like those of a baby. Later a man with severe cataracts came to him. After prayer, the man could see perfectly. Merve looked at his eyes with his instrument and the cataracts had completely disappeared.

Tina prayed for a woman who received healing then gave her life to Jesus. A few minutes later she came back with six more women. Tina prayed for each one of them in turn; each one was healed and each one asked Jesus into her life. I prayed for a man with thick glasses who had trouble seeing objects in the distance. After praying three times, there was no difference. Then I remembered that Stephen had been used in that morning in the healing of a couple of people’s vision, so I asked him to come over and pray. Stephen prayed for about 5 seconds and the young man’s eyes were completely restored. (A couple of hours later, I saw the man walking in the village––without his glasses.)

The leaders of this village of about 2,500 came to Randeep and told him that we were the first group of ‘white people’ to ever come to serve in their village. Once again we are reminded that the cornerstone of the Gospel is to demonstrate the love of God, both practically and supernaturally. Follow-up has already begun with Randeep’s team. They have identified ‘houses of peace’ (Luke 10:6) where new house churches will be started right away. The early fruit from Impact Nations working together with Randeep’s network has been wonderful.

We hope you have enjoyed this excerpt from Steve's latest book The Journey: 35 Stories of Kingdom Encounters. If you would like to keep reading, the book is available here.

If you would like to join the adventure in India, you can join the Journey of Compassion March 5-17 2018, where Steve and Randeep will once again venture into the Punjab to see what the Lord will do.

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