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Memories from India Part 1

Here is on of Steve's journal entries from our first Journey of Compassion to the Punjab with Randeep and Anu Mathews––

Our first day out in the village was remarkable. We were in a village where no house churches had yet been established, and our ministry partner, Randeep, did not know how we would be received. We were instructed to offer to pray but not be insistent in any way, as we did not want to offend the people. When we approached the people waiting in the courtyard for medical attention and asked if we could pray, immediately they would say ‘yes’. From the very first person, the healings began.

Our team prayed nonstop for hours. Almost everyone was healed. Many came to Jesus in this Sikh and Hindu village. A woman who was paralyzed down one side of her body was carried into the courtyard; she was completely healed and walked out with great joy. Deaf ears opened. Blind eyes received sight. And always, people were giving their hearts to Jesus. The people were literally pulling on the shirts of the team, asking for prayer -- it was almost overwhelming. I saw team members with tears of joy at what the Lord was doing. Meanwhile, we provided medical care for almost 200 people.

We returned to the hotel for an hour’s rest, before coming back to the village for the first outreach. The band was playing in a large courtyard when we arrived. The courtyard was packed to overflowing and many more stood on surrounding roofs; people even began to climb a high wall (about 14 feet) in order to see. Team members shared powerful healing testimonies from the day; afterwards, I preached about how the Kingdom had come to their village today. I invited the crowd to give their lives to Jesus, then led them in a prayer. I asked those who had prayed this prayer for the first time to raise their hands. I think that every hand went up. Every hand.

An hour later, when we were eating, Randeep told me that they already had eight ‘houses of peace’––by which he meant that already eight families had asked if their homes could host a house church. We are all so amazed that the Lord had done so much in one day. (Before our five days in the Punjab were over, 50 families would ask to host a house church!)

As I finish this journal entry, we are getting ready to leave for our second village. Come Lord Jesus, come.

We hope you have enjoyed this excerpt from Steve's latest book The Journey: 35 Stories of Kingdom Encounters. If you would like to keep reading, the book is available here.

If you would like to join the adventure in India, you can join the Journey of Compassion March 5-17 2018, where Steve and Randeep will once again venture into the Punjab to see what the Lord will do.

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