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While driving from Zambia to Zimbabwe six years ago, the Lord spoke to me about feeding the hungry. He drew my attention to Isaiah 58, and told me that if if we would give ourselves to feeding the truly hungry, we would be surprised at what happened. Since that time we have been able to provide about 400,000 meals around the developing world––in Haiti, Central America, Africa, India, the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Over these past six years, we have received Isaiah 58 donations from children, school classes, home groups, individuals, and families. Each gift has been received with both gratitude and excitement, knowing that Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat.” (Mt 25:35)
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To kick the journey off, the team took a scenic and adventurous 1.5 hour ferry ride up river to a small barangay of 64 houses. They were the first westerners to visit in over a year. Lots of healings of pain, fevers and eye problems, as well as salvations took place as the team went door to door distributing rice and water filters and praying for the needs of the people.  An outdoor meeting followed with nearly every person (about 100) accepting Jesus! Steve reports of a man born hearing impaired who was totally healed (including his blurry vision) without even receiving prayer. He ran to get his mostly blind father who was also totally healed!   Read More

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(Gen 18:1-14) One of the most enigmatic episodes in the life of Abraham is his encounter with three men who approach his tent. They are variously referred to as men, angels and the Lord. While much has been written about their identity, what really stands out to me in this encounter is how the Lord calls Abraham to decide if he really trusts Him.  Read More

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This has been an incredibly exciting week for Impact Nations and our partner, DD, who oversees Centre Vie Orphanage in St. Marc, Haiti.  Over 6 months ago, we began working on a project to get a large shipment of food (donated by The Ontario Gleaners) from Canada to Haiti. This past week, our efforts were rewarded with the food shipment being received by DD.  This would NOT have been possible without Isaiah 58 donations which paid for the transport of the donated food.   Read More

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