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This has been an incredibly exciting week for Impact Nations and our partner, DD, who oversees Centre Vie Orphanage in St. Marc, Haiti.  Over 6 months ago, we began working on a project to get a large shipment of food (donated by The Ontario Gleaners) from Canada to Haiti. This past week, our efforts were rewarded with the food shipment being received by DD.  This would NOT have been possible without Isaiah 58 donations which paid for the transport of the donated food.   Read More

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Our dedicated partner in Uganda, Richard, wrote to us on Monday to tell us it was nearly midnight and he had just returned from taking a van full of students to Nkobazambogo Secondary School. He said that it had been a time of celebration and excitement in Kalonga. It will be the first time for most of the students to sleep on mattresses with bed sheets and the parents and students are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to attend Secondary school.  In December, the Primary 7 students, 17 in all, sat for their PLE (Primary Leaving Examination) and all 17 passed, making them eligible to attend Secondary school.  Read More

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