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I'm so glad that Jesus was manifested to the world to destroy the works of the devil! This is not only good news for you and me but is good news for the girls of Nepal who are being trafficked by the thousands to brothels in India and elsewhere. In Psalms it says that justice is the foundation of His throne and in Amos it says let justice flow like water and righteousness like an unfailing stream. Thank God that in Nepal His justice is beginning to flow as our partner is bringing Hope and opportunity to the impoverished and vulnerable. On our last trip we learned so much about Nepal and its people as we trekked in the beautiful mountains, listened to those who have poured out their lives there such as the leader of a remote village who has endured through much suffering to bring opportunity and hope to his community and helped to end trafficking there. The richness that personally has been added to my life through friendships in Nepal is a priceless treasure. Cynthia got to facilitate a conversation in a youth center about how to find healthy relationships and live healthy lives. We got to participate with our partner in the distribution of water filters, and the construction of a school. A new day is dawning on this beautiful nation! Come be ray of light with us! Come swim in the river of justice that flows from the Maker of Heaven and earth, justice that is full of Faith, Hope, and Love!  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: A New Day is Dawning in Nepal

Having just returned from an overseas trip to nations in the developing world, I find myself thankful on levels I usually take for granted. Are we driving home from the airport on air? The road is so smooth. Where are the bone jarring, head hitting the jeep ceiling kind of bumps? Where is the traffic we have to weave in and out of and the motorcycles squeezing by to get to the front of the queue while we sit in the interminably long line of traffic waiting our turn as the police officer is doing his best to organize the chaos? 
What do I do with the toilet paper? Where is the trash bin? Or can I flush it down the loo? 
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Checkout the Latest: A Traveler's Perspective by Cynthia Pearson

I love my morning showers. Hot water. Shampooed and conditioned hair; the clean feeling leaves me ready for the day. 

My appreciation grows today. 

It's the dry season in Uganda. The last rain in this part of the country was November 13. The next rains will begin in late February or early March. In the meantime, wells are the main water source. 

Visiting the refugee camp here in Uganda we see firsthand the water shortage. Long lines at the water pumps. Dry, cracked ground where there used to be water for laundry and livestock. Very few vegetables available. 

A water pipe broke and people rushed to fill their containers because the taps wouldn't be open since the water was all rushing through the break in the line. Now they are filtering the water with the Sawyer and sharing with the neighbors. 

Tonight when I shower to wash off the dust and dirt of the day, I'll thank God for water and ask Him to direct us as we seek to do our small part in the world's water crisis. 


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Checkout the Latest: The Luxury of Water by Cynthia Pearson

I have been thinking about all that is going on right now in the Impact world. This morning I received pictures of the new piggery in Kalonga. The roof was completed just today. Now our Ugandan partners have doubled their capacity to raise and house pigs–-to about 70. Pigs are one of the most profitable ventures we have in Kalonga, helping to pay for food for orphans, teachers’ salaries, and starting new ventures for women-at-risk. Besides the piggery, a deep well is being dug right now. The water will be pumped up to a tank on a small tower which will provide drinking water, not only for the children at Hope and Care School, but will allow school and community gardens to be planted. This well is a huge step forward.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: A Great Week In the Impact Nations World by Steve Stewart

On Wednesday, we began our first mobile medical clinic in a town where we had been last year. The people, especially the children, were very sick. It is malaria season here in Uganda, and a local doctor told me that this is a very bad year for malaria. While the medical clinic went on, David and Cynthia Pearson led teams out into the town with water filters. Each filter will provide about 20-25 people with a permanent supply of clean water. At about 5:30, the team went into the middle of town for an outdoor meeting. We have a very musical team of translators on this Journey, and by the time we got there, a crowd of 300-400 had gathered to listen to them sing. After a while I preached and about 200 people came forward to receive Christ. Following that, the team prayed for the sick for almost an hour. There were many healings and more salvations.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Steve's Second Report from Uganda: Jan 2016

As this remarkable Journey comes to a close, I look back with a deep sense of wonder at all that the Lord accomplished. East Samar is a province of about two million people, mostly in small communities (barangays). Over the past eleven days we have distributed enough water filters for more than 1,400 people. This is especially significant, as there has recently been an outbreak of typhoid fever; the filters will totally eliminate this deadly bacteria from the water. We visited schools, a hospital and prison. Wherever we went, people were healed and saved.   Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Final Report from the Philippines

As you may have seen from reading the various reports from team members, we are having an awesome Journey here in the Philippines. We have been on the island of Samar; it is on the east side of the Philippines. Samar is the second poorest area in the country. They have suffered not only the effects of typhoon Yolana, the super-typhoon that hit in late 2013, but also typhoon Ruby that hit late last year. Ruby was a direct hit, destroying houses, tearing down banana plantations and coconut groves, and destroying rice harvests. The economic impact of Ruby has been devastating.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Philippines Journey of Compassion- Second Report

Fatima is a young lady who has been treated in the dispensary for skin diseases and vaginal infection. We could not find any hope for her. Her body was not responding to the medicines for about a month. Perplexed we decided to visit her home, and we found out that she has been using the muddy water that runs by her little mud home. This canal is served to irrigate the rice field. Not having any access to safe water, she and her children have been using this water for everything: bathing, cooking and drinking.

“I just have to let it stand and sieve it through buckets, and use it,” said Fati.

“What do you do for the baby and the children?"

"Same process, for the baby we use this scarf to get the water cleaner.”

Since then, we have provided pastilles of aqua tab to Fati and her family, provided her with clean buckets so she can buy the filtered water when available, but we daily provide her with clean water for the baby. She has also learned to broil the water to serve it to the children and to use Chlorine in water for bathing water, in laundry, and in everything that calls for water use.

Fati came back to the clinic with her 2 children with clean bodies, clean faces. Also she can go to continue her micro enterprise initiative, since she has recovered her health. She was always worried about cholera but she said she had no choice. Now she said she has choices, and being educated about water treatment, she is feeling empowered against diseases. Fati is one of the many women awaiting with great joy the water filter project of Impact Nations.

Fati said, “being poor is not having choices”. She also said, “Now I am no longer having to be worried about having a death of one of my children. I had no choice in the water my children was drinking, or washing myself. Now I am educated about water utilization - now I know for sure how to treat the water I am giving to my children and the water I am cleaning myself. We are almost in no danger of dying of cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea. I know with a little effort how to keep my family safe. Thanks to the new clinic, and thanks to the health agents, I am already welcoming Impacts Nations and I Thirst International for even thinking of us. Thank you DD for sharing this good news with us. God bless you all”

We are happy to see the changes, in her body, in the lives of her family and the baby is getting healthier every day. (She has given us permission to tell her story).

Like Fati many women are awaiting with expectation and anticipating gratitude the arrival of the Journey of Compassion team in June.

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