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What a time we are living in. While it is so easy to be distracted by the politics and violence in the world, the Kingdom continues to powerfully increase. Both the Old and New Testament tell us that there will be a great acceleration of Kingdom activity; clearly, to all those with eyes to see, we are in such a time. As the prophet of justice, Amos, wrote about 2700 years ago:  Read More

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While driving from Zambia to Zimbabwe six years ago, the Lord spoke to me about feeding the hungry. He drew my attention to Isaiah 58, and told me that if if we would give ourselves to feeding the truly hungry, we would be surprised at what happened. Since that time we have been able to provide about 400,000 meals around the developing world––in Haiti, Central America, Africa, India, the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Over these past six years, we have received Isaiah 58 donations from children, school classes, home groups, individuals, and families. Each gift has been received with both gratitude and excitement, knowing that Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat.” (Mt 25:35)
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Checkout the Latest: Isaiah 58 Feeding Program

This has been an incredibly exciting week for Impact Nations and our partner, DD, who oversees Centre Vie Orphanage in St. Marc, Haiti.  Over 6 months ago, we began working on a project to get a large shipment of food (donated by The Ontario Gleaners) from Canada to Haiti. This past week, our efforts were rewarded with the food shipment being received by DD.  This would NOT have been possible without Isaiah 58 donations which paid for the transport of the donated food.   Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Isaiah 58 Feeding and Abundant Provision for St. Marc, Haiti!

I have been thinking about all that is going on right now in the Impact world. This morning I received pictures of the new piggery in Kalonga. The roof was completed just today. Now our Ugandan partners have doubled their capacity to raise and house pigs–-to about 70. Pigs are one of the most profitable ventures we have in Kalonga, helping to pay for food for orphans, teachers’ salaries, and starting new ventures for women-at-risk. Besides the piggery, a deep well is being dug right now. The water will be pumped up to a tank on a small tower which will provide drinking water, not only for the children at Hope and Care School, but will allow school and community gardens to be planted. This well is a huge step forward.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: A Great Week In the Impact Nations World by Steve Stewart

Our Indian partners felt especially led this past month to do their monthly Feeding the Poor outreach among children. January 26 was Indian Republic Day and many schools and colleges were celebrating in various ways and to add to the celebration, our partners visited a very poor area where they gathered 86 children and taught them songs, played games, shared stories and the Gospel with them, prayed for them and distributed food packets consisting of biryani, chicken curry and mineral water.  In all, 161 food packets were distributed to the children and beggars at platforms.  It was a time of great joy.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Feeding the Children

On Wednesday, we began our first mobile medical clinic in a town where we had been last year. The people, especially the children, were very sick. It is malaria season here in Uganda, and a local doctor told me that this is a very bad year for malaria. While the medical clinic went on, David and Cynthia Pearson led teams out into the town with water filters. Each filter will provide about 20-25 people with a permanent supply of clean water. At about 5:30, the team went into the middle of town for an outdoor meeting. We have a very musical team of translators on this Journey, and by the time we got there, a crowd of 300-400 had gathered to listen to them sing. After a while I preached and about 200 people came forward to receive Christ. Following that, the team prayed for the sick for almost an hour. There were many healings and more salvations.  Read More

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