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On Wednesday, we began our first mobile medical clinic in a town where we had been last year. The people, especially the children, were very sick. It is malaria season here in Uganda, and a local doctor told me that this is a very bad year for malaria. While the medical clinic went on, David and Cynthia Pearson led teams out into the town with water filters. Each filter will provide about 20-25 people with a permanent supply of clean water. At about 5:30, the team went into the middle of town for an outdoor meeting. We have a very musical team of translators on this Journey, and by the time we got there, a crowd of 300-400 had gathered to listen to them sing. After a while I preached and about 200 people came forward to receive Christ. Following that, the team prayed for the sick for almost an hour. There were many healings and more salvations.  Read More

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