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The following is a report from Nate Haley, one of the team members for our upcoming Journey of Compassion. If you would like see God use you in similar ways, you should join Nate and his friends on a Journey (click here for more info).

Hi there team, this is Nate Haley from Elmira NY. I just wanted to send out an encouragement and faith booster to you all. I have been watching the orientation videos and a couple weeks ago I watched the one on healing. I have never been used in the way of healing but as I was watching it just hit me that it is not us who has to say the right words for healing to happen. All we must do is listen for the direction of the spirit and step out and obey in faith that God will do the work. After watching the teaching on healing, the next night we had a prayer meeting at church. At this prayer meeting there was a older lady there and was struggling to hear what was being said. I started feeling the call of the Holy Spirit to go pray for healing. I held off for a bit and then as time went on my hands began to sweat. Keep in mind this is in an air conditioned church building set at 65 degrees. Then my heart started beating out of my chest. So I stepped out and went through the steps and after words she was healed completely and could hear perfectly. All glory to God. I was so amazed and just in awe of the God we serve. Just a small taste of his power.

The next night I was up at the renovation house in spencer ny. We had a time of worship and during the worship I started to feel the spirit leading me to go pray for a young man there that had had a damaged heart due to use of drugs. He told me that he has pain all the time while working or even laying in bed. So I had already known the need of healing. I walked over to him and told him the spirit of God was telling me that he wanted to heal him that night. He agreed to be prayed for. After praying for him I told him to go run around a huge field. He did and no pain occurred. He was healed and later he even mentioned that he felt even stronger than before having the heart issue. He has not had anymore pain since.

What an amazing God we serve. I tell you this to testify of Gods power and his goodness. I want to challenge each of you to step out even now. Don't wait til we are on the trip. This is the way it should be at all times. This is the life of following God. So listen for His voice. Step out in faith no matter how impossible it seems, because we serve a God who accomplishes the impossible. It is not our power but His power that flows through us. We are just a conduit. He is the power source. A question that is burning in my heart is, what good does it do to have the power of the almighty in us if we never step out and believe in that power to be real? He is real, his power is real, and he is at work. The same yesterday, today and forever. He is still the same God that we read of in His word. The word that has been on my heart is " battle ready". Let's prepare our hearts and minds to be used by Him. Remove all doubt and trust in His voice.

I hope this bring encouragement and boosts your faith. Walk with Jesus and abide in Him.


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