Project Funded!

Business Start Up Loans

Location: Kampala, UG

Budget: $850.00

Still Needed: $400.00

Goal: Help women start their own business in Uganda

How You Can Help:

In 2018, Impact Nations conducted our first ever small business training course in Kampala, Uganda. 36 students were inspired and empowered to become self-sufficient. Among those students were recent graduates of the School of Purpose, where teenage mothers (victims of abuse) receive specific skills training.

Some of these young women have already begun to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. We would like to introduce you to five heroic girls who have developed a business plan and are now building a life for themselves and their babies.

But there are so many more women waiting to get their business started. A loan of only $170* will provide the capital required to get their small businesses going. Recipients meet in small teams every Friday to encourage one another and hold each other accountable to their stated goals. Our partners at The Remnant Generation facilitate the weekly meeting and are available to the ladies throughout the week to provide additional guidance and coaching.

$170 Will Effect Generations To Come

Meet the Girls…

Type of Business: Fruit Salads

  • Robinah has started a fruit salad business selling fresh packed fruit salads to university students & staff of Ndejje University. The University has over 1000 students. This is where Robinah goes to school as well. She is working with 3 resident young mothers at the TRG Princess Shelter to assemble and pack the fruit salads. Robinah and 2 of her classmates sell fruit salads during class breaks and are beginning to take orders to make special fruit juice for birthday parties, introductions and weddings.

Type of Business: Liquid Soap

  • Alice will first make local sales and build on her customer base which will enable her to raise the the additional capital she needs to register her brand under Uganda Industrial Research where she will have access to more machinery, training for improved product quality and obtain a Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) certification.

Type of Business: Notebook Manufacturing

  • Esther will make counter books and supply them to wholesale traders, stationery shops and to direct customers in Nateete business center, Kyengera and Nalukolongo. Esther also plans to set up a booth every back to school season in major trading centers to sale directly to customers as well. She is working on branding her counter books with a special logo and word of inspiration.

Type of Business: Paper Bag & Notebook Manufacturing and Training

  • Imelda will not be renting a place to work because the father gave her a shop where she will be working from. Imelda is also planning to train groups of women and girls interested in learning book making, paper bag making in her community at a fee. Imelda wants to be the major supplier of counter books in Kakiri. She has already trained her siblings in making counter books so that its easier for her to have enough man power. Imelda has already managed to start small. She has been selling books to parents directly. This fund will enable her grow her business.

Type of Business: Selling Snacks

  • Sharon will be setting up a quick snack stand in Nateete trading center where she will be selling French fries (commonly known as chips) and chapatti. The Nateete business areas has many boda boda riders, shop attendants and people working in the vegetable market that enjoy quick snacks for dinner. Sharon will be working during the evening targeting customers who need to pack sa snack to eat at dinner time as they retire from the long day’s work. This will allow her an opportunity to work in the saloon during day.

*This is an interest-free loan. A repayment schedule begins after two months with a minimum monthly payment of 10%. The funds collected will be re-invested in other young women who have received the small business training and developed a business plan.