Project Funded!

Water for Eastern Samar

Location: Eastern Samar, PH

Budget: $4750.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Provide clean water for over 4000 teachers and students.

How You Can Help:

This project is fully funded, and clean water has reached over 4000 students! We have now set our sites on all 550 schools in the province of Eastern Samar. To learn more, click here.

The Problem

Eastern Samar homesThese river communities in Eastern Samar are home to some of the Philippines most vulnerable people. They are subject to violent storms and very poor sanitation, leaving their water sources severely compromised. Earning wages of only $1 per day, people cannot afford to purchase clean water.

The Solution

We have identified ten schools that are in desperate need of clean water. Our partners in Eastern Samar are well connected with municipal leaders who will help them distribute water filters to these schools.

The Sawyer water filter will purify this water to 99.9%. Students' and teachers' health will improve within 72 hours.

From our past experience we have seen school attendance increase dramatically when clean water is introduced to classrooms. When students and teachers are feeling healthy and strong, everyone receives a better education.

YOU can bring clean water to these students.

The budget of $4750 will provide:

  • Six water filters for each school
  • Filter and Sanitation training for all teachers and students
  • Follow-up visits to ensure proper filter usage
  • Clean water for over 4000 teachers and students

That's only $1.20 per student!