Project Funded!

Winter Clothes for Children

Location: , US

Budget: $1200.00

Still Needed: $0.00

Goal: Provide 60 Roma children with winter clothing

How You Can Help:

Did you know that Impact Nations is bringing the gospel to villages in Bulgaria? Our partners have just begun a house church movement among the Roma, a rejected and impoverished people group. While the gospel is being received with great joy, we have discovered that many of the families cannot afford to provide their children with winter coats, or even shoes. In the winter, the temperature is routinely below freezing. Imagine facing the winter without shoes.

Let's do something about it!

For only $20, you can outfit a child with shoes and a winter coat. It's that simple. Within just a few days of your donation, a child in Bulgaria will receive your gift.

Please give today. And tell your friends!

Update: January 15th 2019

We sent the first batch of funding this weekend and our partner, Roni, was able to begin distributing winter coats and boots to some very excited families today. In fact, when the people selling the clothes heard about Roni's mission, they began donating even more clothing. Your gift has multiplied, and we'll be able to bless even more than 60 children! Here are a few photos of the children enjoying their new winter clothes: